Year-Round Beers

At Ise Kadoya, we have 5 regular brews continuously available because of their popularity or their cultural impact, namely, Sinto Beer (ale), Kumano Kodo Beer (ale), Brown Ale, Pale Ale and Stout. Sinto (pronounced, Shinto) Beer has become somewhat of a local favorite for residents in and around Ise City and visitors alike, while Kumano Kodo has a local following in the southern part of Mie and Wakayama Prefectures. Both Sinto and Kumano Kodo pay tribute to the long history that Ise City has been part of the national Japanese identity. All of our year-round beers are available from our store (Biyagura) or in many or most of the shops, stores and hotels around Ise and Ise Shima. Adding to that, we ship all our beers domestically in Japan from our online store but there is one catch—all our shipping information is in Japanese. For more information about each beer, please click on the pictures below.